A sixties kid flashes the peace sign after being beaten by riot police.

I’ve been working in an Animal Shelter for the past year and today was one of the saddest days. This little Pitbull puppy was brought in by police, he was abused and mutilated. His ears cut off with scissors, and found in a trash bag next to a dumpster covered in blood. When I saw this puppy being carried in by police I cried.

Only one I need.

NYC local folk/indie band I found playing in union square, they are amazing take the time to listen to this!






2 Years, 40,000 miles of daily driving, a Twin Turbo Toyota Supra motor, a full custom air suspension setup, and multiple sets of wheels later, I still love my e28 as much as, and even more than when I got it. I have spent many long nights under it, with both my friends and my girlfriend that I wouldn’t trade the world for. There are a lot of “firsts” with this car for me; I’ve driven through a tornado in it, taken it all over the east cost, taken first dates in it, gotten tickets in it, taken on snow with summer tires, and used it to run out for food at 1am more times than I care to admit. It has been my only car for two years— needless to say, it is FAR from perfect. It leaks a little oil from the patched pan, it is currently spitting trans fluid from the recently replaced output shaft seal, it re-cracked a barrel I had welded up just 3 months ago, the paint has seen better days, the dash has cracked due to me not having a garage to store it in, and countless other things, but none of that matters at the end of the day. Building cars, to me, is not about making sure everything is flawless. I have no interest in seeing a car that is taken to events on a trailer and then resides underneath a car cover in the garage until the next occasion. You can keep your show car that you’re scared to drive in the rain, or park under a tree. Leaving a car tucked away to avoid rock chips or dirty the undercarriage doesn’t sound like fun to me. Cars should tell a story and be a reflection of the owner. Learn to take pride in your car despite the flaws if having a factory condition car isn’t what works for your situation. My e28 is far from a Concours car, and that is okay with me, because at the end of the day it is still MY car built exactly how I want it. I can’t wait to keep moving forward with it, racking up the miles and time with it as I go.

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I’m crying. This is perfect.

Jeremy gets it.
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